What People Say 

"I cannot say enough about Hamssah Badrah’s skills as a trainer. During my time with her, I am convinced I am being guided in beneficial exercises tailored for my needs; additionally, I feel challenged and supported. I so appreciate Hamssah’s manner. She is very serious about our work together and gives me so much attention. I see her as a “warm demander” – pushing me to do what she knows I can while also being incredibly positive about my efforts and performance. The result of this is that
I have started to push myself more and to believe in my abilities. What a great result!"



"Hamssah is an excellent trainer; I’ve never enjoyed having a trainer as much as I do now. She gives thorough explanations of form, she corrects me in a way that is encouraging, she is extremely knowledgeable. She has a written program for me each week which she copies and leaves with me, something Trainers have never done for me before. I absolutely love meeting her weekly!"


"Since working with my personal trainer Hamssah, I feel so much stronger and healthier.  She is a delightful person who is very encouraging and knowledgeable.  My sessions have a lot of variety and are always challenging"


"Hamssah and I met last fall '19 when my original trainer got a new job. She is a fabulous trainer - listening and observing intently, personally designing each workout based on my goals, strengths and areas for growth. I looked forward to each of our sessions and got more and more into strength training as I was seeing physical results (as well as self-confidence). Our time together inspired me to read books about weignt training. Hamssah showed as much interest in what I was reading as I did. When I told her I needed to switch from two to one sessions a week and would go to the gym on my own, she generously gave me suggestions for what I could do on my own. This showed how invested she was in my growth. So sad she left my gym yet so glad she was able to influence me as much as she did!"